Co-Spire Retreats

We host all-inclusive package retreats in the most stunning locations on the planet. Our co-spire training starts with advanced insight prior to the event and ends with actionable intelligence to make leadership easy.


On-site training

We can come to you. All that we ask is that some of your executive leaders attend our co-spire training. Affecting change that creates a thriving culture and more productivity requires all to be on board, namely leaders.

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Private Consulting

Personal one-on-one consulting dealing with change management and organizational development? Looking to scale up but fear the power struggle it will create? We can help. Office politics in the way? Call us now.

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Our Big Difference

If you cannot see the hidden problem of workplace politics you will never achieve the greater productivity of a thriving culture.

  • To conspire is to collaborate in secrete, alone or with others, and for an unethical or less than transparent goal.

  • To co-spire (a word created by vision Impact Leadership) is to collaborate in the open with others and for a good outcome.

In both cases there is a reward, a benefit to each member for working together, either in secrete for dishonest action (conspire), or in the open for positive action (co-spire). The first favors a political culture, the second supports a thriving culture. Political organizations conspire. Thriving cultures co-spire.

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About this book

This book was written and published in frustration. Over a twenty-five career in various industries (from higher education to construction), Keith began writing about bad leaders and what they do wrong. He then found three major character traits that everyone must see, traits that actually destroy cultures. This book is a must for any leader. Now on Amazon