Thriving Culture

A thriving culture is not impossible. It just takes a few tools and not less than +3% of an organization to make it happen. Vision Impact Leadership can accurately survey an organization to find out how political it is and then help identify the +3% needed to get more productivity and quickly on track for building a thriving culture.

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Less Power Struggles

Every organization suffers from a power struggle at some point. Vision Impact Leadership teaches the essential principles needed to achieve a thriving and productive culture while solving the problem of political struggles. Are you interested in learning how to lead an organization with less power struggle? Register for one of our retreats.

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We Come to You

Our retreats are designed to be a place to calm the mind and open the eyes. Our focused and active retreats get to core issues. We focus on strategic calls to action that alleviate your stress to manage people and increase productivity. At least one executive staff must be in attendance from an organization. More is better.

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Our Message

When people build a business, start a new organization, or form a new governing body, they suffer a power struggle at some point.

A power struggle surfaces when an organization becomes increasingly political. This happens when many in the organization stroke authority and spend their time protecting their own position of power. They shut down collaboration and attract less decisive people around them. They are political power centers. They are not part of the team.

When power struggles surface, the entire organization begins to collapse. The greatest to suffer are those with vision and purpose.

At Vision Impact Leadership, your culture is taken seriously. We identify the risks of increasing power struggles if unchecked and we give specific and proven solutions to build a thriving culture.

Do not let your vision suffer. Do not let your culture suffer for lack of vision. Attend one of our Vision Impact Leadership retreats and downshift long enough to get a reboot in vision.


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